Текст песни Windrider - Slaughter from the Shadows

A pair of ravens stands atop the hill, Watching the valley below, Perched upon branches of ancient old oak, Blanketed in winter's first snow, The firelight flickers through gaps in the trees, Smoke rising pale through the night, Watchmen sit slumbering, gathered by the fire, As Hugin and Munin take flight, Unsheathing their swords and raising their shields, A war-band of warriors stands waiting by the trees, Unknown to their victims, a terrible fate, In the darkness awaits them, covert and concealed, Crashing through the undergrowth, helmets glinting in the night, Swords are raised and axes swung, an atmosphere of fear and fright, Screams fill the valley, As peasants fall and children call, No chance of rally, As the bell is rung atop the hall, Thatching burns and houses fall, watchmen die on axe and spear, A feast of blood and massacre, the village filled with cries of fear, The way of the warrior, take what can be took by force, For riches and glory, we slay our foes without remorse, Raised upon the shield and sword, raised to serve no king or lord, Claiming what we wish to claim, our victory is our reward, Riding far across the land, from mountain peaks to ocean sands, Annihilation is our game, the elements at our command, A life lived in freedom, a life by the blade, With spears pointing to the sky, our mighty crusade, A life of determination, stars as our guide, Towards the horizon, for victory we ride, Moonlight shining on our blades, reflecting off the bloody earth, Fire shining in our eyes, we've crushed this town for all it's worth, Bodies broken on the ground, children weeping for their fate, But some will fight us for their lives, the bravest of which we will take, They will now join us, Learn to feel the soldier's thrill, They will be warriors, Taught to fight and taught to kill
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