Текст песни Windrider - The King under the Mountain

Years ago on a mountainside sheer The ravens were calling a warning sincere The earth did shake and the clouds did turn grey A storm filled the sky and darkened the day A torrent of fire, the end had begun As great wings of darkness covered the sun The smouldering buildings of the great town of Dale Laid blackened and burning in the Celduin vale Far over the misty mountains cold To dungeons deep and caverns old We must away ere break of day To seek the pale enchanted gold CHORUS: Under the mountain standing alone Thorin rests at the foot of his throne Deep in the halls of silver and stone Our glorious king falls into unknown His sword in his hand, and treasures untold Shining through darkness for all to behold Adorning his tomb of mithril and gold Standing proud in the caverns of old Now Oakenshield fled with his father and kin Their riches and fortune remaining within To Dunland they marched, their numbers were few Their fortune was lost, their worst fears come true But peace did not last, a messenger came From Moria's depths, from shadow and flame To war went the dwarves, 'gainst great orcish foes And Thorin fought bravely like kings long ago But the mountain still stood, their gold lay inside Guarded by Smaug with greed and with pride So Thorin set forth, a quest which, alas, Though bringing him glory it would be his last A quest to extinguish the old dragon flame Through mountains and forests, the company came And over the lake-town the dragon was slain The kingdom reformed and the mountain reclaimed But bloodshed and battle was still yet to come The wars of the past could not be undone As goblins and wolves fought dwarves, elves and men The forces of darkness would fall yet again Though triumph and victory would not be so sweet The king of the dwarves had been forced to retreat His final great onslaught, of bloodshed and strife The battle was won, but claimed Thorin's life
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