Текст песни Wintersun - Loneliness (Winter)

Once I saw the light in your eyesBut nothing will be any longer the way I rememberI've become someone else and I can't go back, I triedI'm lost in the fields of snow far from homeFollow the coast under the frozen skyWith a growing sorrow in weary eyesSwallow the ghost of the lucid dreamAnd silent will be the mournful seaThe sands of life covered in whiteFrom the darkest nights to the blinding lightI almost reached home, I was so closeBut to be left alone is what hurts the most

Am I the only one awakeAm I the one who is fading awayThere was so much I wanted to sayDo I have a reason anymore to stayWashed away by the morning sunHear the howling call from the other sideAnd so much was left undoneThe weight of the world quietly crushed the dying lightWashed away by the frozen starsFeel the burning coldness of the falling snowAnd one day when everything is goneThe trail in the snow disappears, am I finally home
Слова и текст песни Wintersun - Loneliness (Winter) принадлежит его авторам.

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