Текст песни Wolf Down - Protect/Preserve

For nature's destruction we'll find retribution Eco-defence, the only solution Interests are profit-driven Beating nature into submission Greedy, lying corporations Building empires of abnegation Accepting decay as a consequence Is what appears to be common sense Ruthless criminals Hiding in disguise Pretend to be upright to those With blindfolded eyes How long are you willing To watch its demise Until words become actions The eco-front shall rise We have to protect We are the last ones who bite back We have to preserve We are the last defenders of this earth (earth) Look around and see how far it has gone Target to perpetrators, stop the abuse There are thousands hacking at the branches of evil To one who is striking the root Who is striking the root We have to protect We have to preserve We have to protect For the sake of this earth And generations to come
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