Текст песни Wolf Down - True Deceivers

How will you ever wash your bloodstained hands clean? True deceivers can't redeem your legacy All your filthy lies, dusty morals undisputed Never questioning, free spirits persecuted The snakes that preach faith are intellectual slave holders, Spitting venom, creating numb holy soldiers Mass oppression of the human mind, will you follow blind? Or watch reality unwind? I believe I believe I believe I believe in self-determination No mind in shackels, no body under domination I believe in freedom and equality Love can't be bound by your crooked morality How will you ever wash your savage hands clean? Veiled up keepers of petrified insanity All your filthy lies, a burden we inherit Free spirits silenced, infestation systematic Burn every cross that demands submission We'll dig a grave for the corpse of all religions All priests will atone for their sins Burn the churches in whose shadows we are locked in.
Слова и текст песни Wolf Down - True Deceivers принадлежит его авторам.

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