Текст песни Wreckers, The - My, Oh My

This concrete road used to just be dirtWe'd drive out here after workEvery Friday night when I was eighteenThis parking lot used to be a fieldI parked here in my OldsmobileLong before the Sonic and the WalgreensNot no moreNot no moreMy, oh myLook how the time fliesLook how the world changesIn the blink of an eye

My, oh myLook how the years have flownTurning around before you know itUp and goneOh my, oh my, oh myTimes have changed and so have II once was young and starry-eyedNow I have these bittersweet memoriesSongs were long and gas was cheapNo cell phones and water was freeDaddy paid and I never had to worryOh my, oh my, oh my...
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