Текст песни XXXTENTACION - Guardian Angel

[Intro: XXXTENTACION & Shiloh Dynasty] Llew os uoy wonk I —ytterp neeb ev'I Nac eh naht retteb od nac I, naem I Lrig, uoy wonk I, llew os uoy wonk I Llew, llew, llew Bmun os m'I, emas eht leef t'nod I dna No dloh ot tsuj niap 'nileef eb ll'I, niap 'nileef eb ll'I Bmun os m'I, emas eht leef t'nod I dna No dloh ot tsuj niap 'nileef eb ll'I, niap 'nileef eb ll'I [Verse: XXXTENTACION] Listen close, what is this? Is it heartbreak? Is it truly what it feels like? What it sound like? What is truly at the essence? Sharp teeth in the chest Cancer all in the breast Of the beaten and bruised Feeling like a pawn to the greed of these fools But I never been a piece of the evil In the womb of these fake fuck niggas With they masks up, presume I'll be telling, if I got a load, I swear I resume On my conquest For the key to the chest where my mind slept And the love in my heart is a cancer And I spread it through the wall as an answer To the cries of the dead and the vanquished The depressed and the lost and the damned, it's Preservation of the peace, an ideal world Never lonely when you flowin' through my mind, girl I apologize, 'cause I couldn't see the pain in your damn eyes 'Cause a nigga made you leave with your heart in between different pains Couldn't see ya when ya ain't cry [Outro: XXXTENTACION] I guess I'm at a loss for words To feel so close to someone, and finding they're gone the next day I guess you never realize how permanently damaging that is
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