Текст песни Yelawolf - American You

[Verse 1]Man you got it all worked out, don't you? Old pair of shoesNever wear your heart on your sleeve cause it don't go with the suitYou got a bad, bad woman with a young little pretty faceThey told you not to go get married but you went and did it anyway[Chorus]Singin', oh sweet sounds of American youNever miss a Sunday service, never got tattoosEvery time we drive by wavin', I see right throughFuck you too[Verse 2]Mama said steer clear of the devil so you never played in the roadAlways lookin' on the bright side, so you never see the potholesYou got a house on a hill, big news, that's a big dealBig party with your big time friends, man imagine how that feels[Chorus][Verse 3]I believe in the modest dream, ain't lookin' for a pot of goldA 6 pack and some good marijuana I can watch my mama rollI believe I can buy a few things like a house with a nice poolInvite my nobody friends to the party and we'll be in it, fuck you

You got a blue collar father who drinks Budweiser out the bottle20 dollars, an old Impala, a baby's mamaYou work hard, you don't beg, you don't borrowNight at the factory, daytime job at McDonald'sYour daddy told you that girl was nothin' but a problemBut you fell in love cause to you she was like a supermodelAnd they told you not to go get married but you went and did it anywayIt ain't no problemYou make somethin' out of nothin', you make money for a livin'Pushin' buttons, stickin' digits, flippin' burgers in the kitchenWith the vision, you've been dreamin', you've been savin'You've been given nothin' but shitBut you take it cause you're patient in this prisonFuck everybody visitin', it ain't them who gotta live in this skinWith all these tattoos that you got, it fuckin' offends themIf it's you that I'm speakin' to, you must be my extensionI take my drink up and sip it, take my hat off and tip itSlumerican[Chorus] x2
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