Текст песни Yelawolf - Whiskey In A Bottle

[Verse 1]Still on that ass likeHandcuff's up in it likeHand-puppets makin' you hollerYou should've jumped in that impala homieRefrigerators never seen ice babyNot vanilla, not a reason thatYela make a flame grab a chinchillaQuite like the words I pulled up toFuck guppies, I see food in a hush puppySo give me that king crapAnd I'll break a shellYou seen that?Well fuck it, if he don't take it wellSo crack the top of that hot, shaking aleAnd say "free Young Struggle" who's not making bailHe got popped by the fedsFuck the cops! Take a nailFuck it take M-N-O-P, learn how to spellI'll pull up to the gateAnd we'll skate on this country, faggotAnd until then, fuck 'em, they can have itSlumerican meansSlum American breedGutter raised with worldwide dreams, yeah [Hook]Put your hands to the skyI'm a bullet in a barrel with a hair pin trigger nowAnd I'mma landslideI'm a head case train wreck avalanche comin' downPut your hands to the skyI'm a ready made partyI'm whiskey in a bottle nowLalalalalalalalalaaI'm whiskey in a bottle now [Verse 2]Still on that gas likeThe bottom of my signature shoe, 'Bama redI'm on that ass like Alabama did LSUYou said "Oh lord" Bible Belt raisedIn your mouth like a cold soreRolled Ford's? Nah roll tide and rode Chevy'sMy mama rolls jointsSmoke rolls off with a timpDaddy's a rolling stoneI'm rolling in shit with these pigs

And the south sideWho you rolling with in the sticks?With hair weawes and airstreamsCigarette stained wallsFuck, I can't barely breatheSpittin' shutgun pelletsOut of my fuckin' chili bowl..But am I a hill billy, no!I am the truth behind these fuckin' illusionistYellin' redneck, you about as red as the color blue isCall me a redneck, and I just tatoo itBecause of the abusin' I use it as therapy in musicSo.. [Hook] [Verse 3]Still on that grass likeJohn Deers this yard is already cutYou can't get no work hereYou fags started with swag, you was stealingIt turns out I got no peersJust years of street smartsSo here you go retardsCome hit this bulls eyeI'll give you three dartsOne, my last album floppedTwo, it wasn't my timeThree, my fuckin' mama's selling my pajamas online(Lalalalalalalalalaa)But guess what?(I'm whiskey in a bottle now)Fuckin' right, I'm agedI'm dirty-3, I'm not a child who plays with crack to get a pieceDon't clap, for no MC who's wackThen get a free slapFuck out my car when I smashed in a CapriceI'm Jack sippin' stillWhippin' wood wheelsTruck on steriodsIllegal to play ballBut damn it how good it feelsDrop that black cardPark in the backyardBaby fire up the grillIt's party time [Hook]

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