Текст песни Young Mountain - Hildedal

The walls are bleak as you lay your head to rest,
My dear if there is nothing to fear and you'll have somewhere to go.
Then how come you cry every night
Since she left you all alone in that house.
My hands are aching,
As I walk through empty streets.
The rain is pouring down, but I don't even mind.
I guess i'm past, the phase of even caring at all.
I am a ghost with no name.
Forever longing after your voice.
"Atleast you know you tried, And thats better than having regrets"
Do you remember how we said that things never change?
But I think you grew out of those words.
You took it all, nothing remains,
But memories of someone i once was.
You took it all.
I'll keep my distance from hospitals and funerals.
From the traces of your fingertips I could sense the imminent.

I'll keep my distance, from memories.
I'll keep my distance, from being me.

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