Текст песни Young Thug - Just Might Be

[Intro]Never gon cheat, yeah, I promise!Never gon cheat, yeah, I promise!Aye man get your mutherfuckin hands away from my syrup manLivin life bro, I'm happy[Hook]Baby you know that I might be the realest little nigga you ever gone seeBaby you know that I might be trillest little nigga that you wanna beBaby you know that I might be the richest little nigga you ever could treatAnd you know that I might just scoop that little bitch up off of her feetAll of these niggas they know that they fallin' and everyone wanna be meAll of these bitches don't wanna be cheated on but all these bitches wan' cheatAll of these bitches wanna be the new wifey but all of these bitches be cheatinAll of these rappers I swear they watering down, on the chlorine[Verse 1]Feed me, feed meThese pussy niggas tighter than a wedgie, weegeeI live life like a sniper, they can't see me, see meHer heart like an old diaper, I can't leave it, leave itI'm drinkin' on this motherfuckin' mudOkay my fuckin' back pocket is fat like a buttI swear I'mma blood, I can never be your cuzYou can roger that like my motherfuckin' boss (Losie!)(Mumbling)I'll bippoty-bop, then stick it and fadeI keep some coke and the rocks on me dayI got a bitch with a yacht missin in the bay

Come here choke me if you wan' go on a dateI'll make bail within' the first 48I'll give her the stickShe gone get a clip, bigger than a porn star dickAnd I need new casting, for a porn star clip[Hook][Interlude]That's called breathin', that's how you let that bitch breathe fool[Verse 2]Okay you know all my diamonds got no flawsMomma move to 85, nope to 85 southI think these hoes piranhas, excluding my baby mommaI take care my daddy momma by pullin' up with them bundlesIf I ain't treat you good little baby just know it's karmaYou did my nigga wrong, I know it, it was last summerLyin' to me, tellin' me I'm the bomb like OsamaI wish I could spend 50 bands on tour for grandmamaHow could that nigga (?) with a bundleI could never call, not a fed, not a copNiggas sit on the bench and I said do ya'llYSL scream: for the red crew, we got it right onNiggas got me on my syrup in this Bentley, see ya'llThat little bitch just want birds and you know I said ya'llShe gone act just like a clitoris with them feds and act dumbShe might act like she know Bird when them players in there[Hook][Outro]Yeah I'm a crazy motherfucker, foolI got on (?) but you know I'm still drippin' you know what I'm sayin'
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