Текст песни Yung Lean - Damn Gud Shawty

[Yung Lean:]Lookin' all pretty in that Hawaiian lookin' shirtIf she tryna flirt, I'mma make that bitch squirtI'm a young gl-gl-Glock lovin' pervertAccidentally fallin', cause I wanna see that skirtInsert then hit the dirt, creepin' round the cutProlly throw it up, not throwin' up gang signsI'm throwin' up gunsEat her like sushi, then I beat the pussy upSmoked out with my cock outLet these hoes know I ain't no boy scoutTell these faggots not to shout, screamin' out my nameSmoked out with my cock outLet these hoes know, I ain't a boy scoutTell these stupid faggots not to shout

Yung Lean Doer gots the chainThat makes all the mentally challenged bitches insaneSniffin' cocaine, find me in the sewer fuckin' with a cougarSwear on my mother's life, I ain't gon' die tonightBut I will get high, and ride tonightAnd fuck a dyke, cause it's alrightI don't give a fuck paint a subwayEat a Subway, acid trip all through MayOnly fuck bitches that are gayLean is immature, what the fuck did you say?!Pop![Yung Gud:]Lean, Lean, Lean Doer!Hello this is Gud and thank you for listening to our song and have a great damn day
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