Текст песни Yung Lean - Princess Daisy

[Verse 1: Yung Lean] Smoking on some sour In Bahamas Wearing Green Polo Pajamas Made of marijuana Fuck an ugly ho Like Johnny Drama Licking off dripping champagne from my fingernail Tripping off ginger-ale This tune ain't got no hook Like a hunky tail Me and pedram on this bitch, we're in aventail On the beach, with the pink polo, the color of rose Dirty stinking feet Started drinking whiskey neat Already drinken' three Yung Lean is that curly-haired freak Take a seat Got a new passport eating lobster in court Teleport to a new time zone with an escort Got a fort, filled with hoes who just want to snort Take a boat to my resort, in Hawaii Where I got a tennis court I forgot to mention that I still get child support [Verse 2: Yung Lean] Drinking forties out in Honolulu With my shawty and she's siftin' on chicken pu-pu I'm in doo-doo, hoes sucking nuts but this ain't no chippendales Drifting fails off a drifting tale Made of minimum wage Starring in shit movies like Nicolas Cage I'm drinking a Piña colada in the plague Inhale exhale fuck a female, throw stones on madlib backstage
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