Текст песни Yung Lean - Sunrise Angel

[Verse 1]Diamond in the windWhite diamonds across my skinScandinavian princeHad to start over to beginI'm not sorry for my sinsBeen here forever, where you been?Got that orange juice and GinThrow my conscious in a binBlowing smoke, neo ringsDead soul withinDreaming thick, not thinThanks to the city where I'm inI'm in the sea but I can't swimUsed to be nothing now I winLeft my soul to swimLeft my soul to swim[Hook: x3]Sunrise AngelPage UnavailableSad money, dirty heavenEverything is paid forYou make cash I make more[Verse 2]High on hope and I'm Low on loveI ain't got none of that white doveGot butterflies and a white doveI'm crazy and I know I amDon't talk to these fuckers cuz they know who I am

I am worried about nothing that's just who I amI am worried about youWhat happened to we?Riding the train everyday of the weekWriting this song on my phone as we speakKush in my lungs and I'll die in my sleepKush in my lungs and I'll die in my sleepHeart on my sleeveAnd i'll crush you to piecesEuropean jesusEgo big as my phone breaking i don't ever sleep cuzThick stack racked upSpend my money on a catbusOn a subway smoking green like a cactusMy life's too real, fuck an actorSay what you want you need to practiceI power up like King KaiI'm smoking wind I'm flying highIm pretty circus we riding out we riding out[Outro]Sunrise AngelPage unavailableSad money, dirty heavenEverything is made for youYou make cash, I made moreCarefulSunrise Angel in my bedNothings made wellLean gets his cash then it's farewell
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